HISTORY Dobermann


Not every breed is honored to be called the name of its creator. Friedrich Louis Dobermann was born on January 2, 1834 in Apolda. It is known that by the nature of his activities, he was a tax collector and rents. Obviously, the features of his work and a desire to have a "special" breed with certain qualities, caused the removal of dogs with short hair smooth, durable, smart, not afraid of shots, vigilant and dedicated satellites, all ready to accompany the owner and did not hesitate to fight for his interests.

It is believed that purposeful work on the removal of "their" dog breed Doberman began about 1860.



Half of the seventh. Met two dobermanista, walk their dogs. One black dog standing in the middle of the clearing was napping, the other - emerged from the bushes with a black bitch. Male flew to the stranger and happily wagged his stub of a tail. His enthusiasm was understandable: bitch really was very good: large, shirokotelaya, slender, with long limbs and a long neck, with strong and sharp movements.


Table of Doberman in the first year of life


How the Doberman is developing by month.


Choosing a puppy


The smaller the dog, the more problems What you should pay attention to the future owner of the dog. Where to start if you have chosen a breed? Calls on the ads in the newspaper - the worst way. It is better to go for a large Great Dane dog show, dog look, talk to dog breeders. Did you like an adult dog? Come and boldly say, "I want the same!" Surely the owner just give you the names of experienced breeders and addresses where you can see good puppies.


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