Half of the seventh. Met two dobermanista, walk their dogs. One black dog standing in the middle of the clearing was napping, the other - emerged from the bushes with a black bitch. Male flew to the stranger and happily wagged his stub of a tail. His enthusiasm was understandable: bitch really was very good: large, shirokotelaya, slender, with long limbs and a long neck, with strong and sharp movements.

She looked up at his master, asking what to do: "We will play or go on?" - "Play, Dasha," allowed a man. Several powerful jumping bitch picked up speed and raced around the perimeter of the clearing, rapid and unattainable. Kobelek with thin bark still trying to catch up. Less growth than the female, he and his head had some completely different form. She narrowed sharply from the skull to the muzzle. Round bright eyes frightened slightly mad expression. While the dogs were running, owners talking. "Either something is too small," - said cautiously host females. - "Yes, we take it for themselves," - said the owner of the dog. - "And I for one keep Dasha? - Amazed man, - For you, is it? "-" Well, no, of course - thought co6ecednik - but you probably exhibitions of her drive ... "-" So what if I drive, exhibition, keep in good shape. " It's no secret that the periodic preference of a particular breed is dictated by fashion. And what is fashionable today? You will not believe, but today in fashion "dog for himself." There is a striking phenomenon: if earlier buyers keen to take a dog of any breed as much as possible, but now the opposite is true. Let's take a closer look at this phenomenon. First of all, it is really fashion. In Minsk and Kiev, Kaliningrad and Vladivostok, Murmansk and Sochi buyers want to have a "dog for himself" and all together as one man, uttered these words. However, within the meaning of this definition is the opposite quality. That is, the dogs are divided into qualitative and "for itself." High quality dogs ceased to be relevant. Taking the dog "for themselves", people seemed to be saying: "I do not want to think about the future quality of the dog. I do not want to invest labor and mental energy in the search for some four-legged firebird. I do not want to strain, learn something and make a fuss at all - I want a dog for yourself. Therefore, feed the dog will be at your own risk - that they themselves eat. Training? And why is it for us? Our Rex and so quite flexible. Shows? And what they give us? Well, what? "... The man who bought the dog" for a "pre-configured to not to invest in it neither the money nor the time nor labor. He starts to do something, when the inevitable problems with the animal has just taken by the throat. From malnutrition sick dog pancreatitis. But we all know that she had pancreatitis and from which it evolved. The owner does not know. He feeds Rex porridge broth with bones. Dog eats a lot, but thinner and thinner. The owner adds porridge, but no result. On the painful thinness dog already pay attention to passers-by, "What you do not feed him? This skinny! "-" But how do not feed! - Throw up their hands owner Rex. Two three-liter pots at a time eats! "And in the meantime the dog is getting worse. Starts to get wool from the body went bad smell. What to do? Have to go to the vet. After seeing the skeleton shown for examination, the vet utters: "The dog has worms." Owner reluctantly puts money for anthelmintic drug. Result, naturally, no. Housemate shares his experience: "I, too, could not expel worms its Lala until doubled the dosage. Then fell. "In Rex stuffing double the amount of anthelmintic, lead to vomiting and seizures. Dog barely survives, but becomes thicker. It dragged to another vet. Looking at the mangy sufferer, new vet puts a new diagnosis: "Have your dog subcutaneous mite. A course of injections is worth ... "-" God is horrified owner - where I got that kind of money ?! "At this stage, the dog is already overwhelmed and liver, and stomach, and intestines. State categorically it is getting worse. From the mouth is continuously foul smell. Debilitating pain pursues the unfortunate animal and day and night. Say about it, it can not, but nerves can not stand. Exhausted dog starts to snap on the case, and without cause. Her beaten. So the trainer advised one to which the owner of Rex was forced to turn as the dog came out of the submission. "The owner should be the principal in the school - said gravely dog Makarenko. - Dogs should not be allowed to command. It is necessary to subdue her! "Rex began to beat regularly, but nothing helped. Affectionate dog became irritable, angry, could hvatanut teeth hand, if to be touched. Then you can not continue. Short dog's life will be a nightmare, however, and yours too. I want to draw attention to the pattern of behavior the dog owner "for themselves." In a difficult situation, he is not looking for a specialist breeder. From the beginning he was opposed to specialists. All the pathos of the words dog "for itself" and is in opposition to the position of the expert and layman position - sobakoderzhatelya. And the gulf between them is widening. There is a bundle of canine society: a community of purebred dogs, content, training and breeding of which involves the embedding of professional labor, knowledge, and experience - all that together can be called a dog expert culture. And there is a community of dog owners to keep dogs "for themselves", mindlessly, at minimal cost, aside from all sorts of problems and passions. Their position can be characterized as more or less fighting ignorance. But do not be to avoid problems. Nevertheless, for the service of their low demand there are low-skilled qualified proposals. Differentiation of canine world are deepening. At one extreme, a great herd of dogs of different breeds, on the other - not just the products of complete and absolute extinction, and already hybrids, which are specially created by the ignorant, advertised and contrasted purebred dogs. Recently, one very respectable canine edition advertisement appeared: "Gorgeous puppies - doberveylery. Expensive. "That's it. Simply and tastefully! Is uniquely division dogs "for itself" - "not for himself"? If "not for himself", then for whom? The last question is no one can give a plausible answer. But in fact, the dog "not for himself" - a high-quality animal that enters into a collection called "rock." Breed - it's just an abstract concept. This is my dog, and his and yours too. To breed is not degraded and is not extinct, their representatives should be involved in some zootechnical life. This at least ensures that the zootechnical and continuity of all breed characteristics - both external and behavioral. Otherwise, life is rock stops, it will cease to exist as a product of the human spirit. Breeding purebred animals - such as creativity, like writing novels, writing music or sculpting. It is according to certain laws, and is a form of expression of human culture. Vysokoporodnye animals - witness the height of the nation, its spiritual conquest. In England, for example, show tour of Westminster, the British Museum and the British stables riding horses, which are a national treasure and be proud of equally all Englishmen. Organized dog breeding originated in the cultural heart of Europe, grew, developed and distributed along with the growth and development of animal production science, genetics, breeding and veterinary medicine. Over the last century of the dog lovers has accumulated vast experience, received answers to all questions related to dog breeding. It is known for how to get beautiful and intelligent dog, how to preserve her health, how to produce high-quality offspring. Can not remain in the midst of savage civilized world! So, we have learned that the dog "for themselves" do not need to be well fed and to walk with her on the 15 km per day. It does not need to expose, and not because he is not put off by the judge, but simply do not need, because it is another layer of life. Dog "for itself" is not trained in the true sense of the word. She does not need proprietary bait, vitamins and compounds for hair shine. That is, vitamins are needed, of course, all but the dog "for itself" - and this is the tragedy of her life - no one needs, in addition to its owner. And the result is a vicious circle: the dog "for a" take in order to not communicate with specialists and professionals such dog is not needed, since it denies them all the values ​​and aspirations of people who are interested in a particular breed and its benefits for the workers. But for you, lazy owner, your "dog for a" give all that he could. That's the whole implication of these sacramental words. Dog "for itself" - is the installation of a bummer and selfish to take for yourself all that it can give, and deprive her and money, and labor, and professionalism. The dog owner does not choose. And for her, he only - source of food, movement, treatment, life and death. But let's not so hard on dog owners ... our demands for quality umbrellas and cucumbers and simple tastes to our quality of dogs is also defined by the chaos that is happening in our dogs. Previously, the buyer walked the dog in the only city club, which had to teach, to educate, to lecture, to recommend puppies derived from breeding again specialists. Previously, promotion of cultural dog was authorized (!) The duty of the club. This system has successfully existed for many decades, regulating not only demand, but also carrying out a giant educational work. Now buyers clubs are not engaged, because buyers do not go there. Dogs are now rarely buy through the club. To orient correctly in our current dog breeding newcomer impossible. And it is almost one hundred percent probability doomed to a bad dog, doomed to become a food source for unscrupulous sellers canine services. His confusion, his notorious inability to distinguish the wheat from the chaff, the good from the bad - a promising puppy from a tribal marriage novice breeders conceal saving quite Aesopian wording: "I took the dog for himself." And it means the following: "I can not understand your complicated relationship, scare me big bills for some unknown reason and requirements fanatical efforts in achieving the objectives of obscure. I want to live peacefully with your dog, enjoy fellowship with her ​​and did not want to have no headaches and problems. " Do dogs "for itself" began to take now? And before that? Not everyone is eager to teach your dog and stand. Yes, of course, not all. But before "for themselves" took mostly mongrel dogs as a bell in the yard of a private house, and the dogs decorative rocks "for the soul." Larger sat in the yard on a chain, small running freely. These dogs did not make the weather in the dog, not mixed and do not cross with the community purebred dogs and have never had the documents. These dogs nobody cause serious harm to their owners never on what is not claimed, and puppies either drowned or were given to neighbors and relatives. Modern fashion for dogs "for themselves", the complete lack of training in the newly KENNEL owners inability to correctly choose a dog breed and sex, inability to properly raise a dog, educate and house trained her, aggravated by the spontaneous growth of interest in dogs in general, and their desire to have led to serious social problems. If before the owner could not cope with a service dog, he was willing to sell it to the paramilitary arm or on the border. It was created for this established system Kennel DOSAAF. Now unwanted animals are dumped on the street. "Former thoroughbred" or solo roam the dumps, straining the heart of compassionate people, or get in packs and begin to multiply. The press regularly describes the cases of attacks such wild dogs on people and animals. So, the dog "for itself" - this is usually a bad dog. Dog "for itself" - is an unhappy dog. Dog "for itself" - this is a dangerous dog. Dog "for itself" - it is a way and a means of cheating a new generation of breeders. And finally, the dog "for themselves" - a ticking time bomb, planted in the foundation of all just dogs. Cultural dog breeding - a set of activities for the conservation and improvement of purebred dogs. Each breed - a set of individuals contained in private hands, but united by a common standard and a single legislative complex, ensuring the conservation and enhancement of specific and important human traits. Each dog "for themselves" - a blow to the cultural dog breeding as it everytime deprivation breed primary cells - human owner who keeps thoroughbred dog, which give the joy of communicating with her, benefit from the knowledge gained with her benefit from its practical application, part of his work, ultimately the very fact of their choice puts on the altar favorite breed - the one he chose, the one which is most in harmony with the aspirations of his soul. Well, if you, in spite of everything, persist in denying the cultural values ​​of dog, do not want to waste time and energy to research, breeding and career thoroughbred dogs still do not buy the puppy on the market "for themselves." Better shelter the homeless dog thrown. Wash it, get rid of parasites, vaccinate, and heating of fattening. Know the horror of the street life of the dog are of extraordinary devotion, intelligence, human feeling quite helpful. And the Creator, when it's your hour to appear before him, will be reckoned to you this act of kindness, compassion and active humanity.

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