HISTORY Dobermann


Not every breed is honored to be called the name of its creator. Friedrich Louis Dobermann was born on January 2, 1834 in Apolda. It is known that by the nature of his activities, he was a tax collector and rents. Obviously, the features of his work and a desire to have a "special" breed with certain qualities, caused the removal of dogs with short hair smooth, durable, smart, not afraid of shots, vigilant and dedicated satellites, all ready to accompany the owner and did not hesitate to fight for his interests.

It is believed that purposeful work on the removal of "their" dog breed Doberman began about 1860.

Unfortunately, any records on breeding: its lines, the results obtained, used rocks are absent.

One can only assume that the original rocks were German Pinscher, Rottweiler (Miasnitskaya dog), Shepherd-bosserony some hunting dog type Shorthaired Pointer, the Manchester Terrier, Greyhound. In addition, these rocks were used mestizo if they meet those requirements to the exterior and character, who would like to see in our dogs Doberman.

Conceived to realize the ideal of a new breed of working dog, many experts at the time F.L.Dobermann seemed only arrogant dilettante. However ...

Upscale dog with cupping his ears and tail, bred Dobermans and is called "tyurringskimi Pinschers", "army-police" or "Gendarmerie dogs", and in everyday life - "shnupp" or "bacon", quickly gained popularity due to personal qualities, high intruder and watchdog instinct and obedience.

Later, breeding and selection breed dog handler was busy Otto Haller. By the 70 th year in Apolda in Thuringia appeared the same type livestock.

An enormous role in the development of the breed played followers FL Doberman, such as Goswin Tyshler and Otto Heller. They have achieved official recognition. In the city of Apolda created the first club of this breed. In the breed standard says:
"Doberman different loyalty and courage, he has nerves of steel, he is alert and bold. Due to its developed mind, his innate wickedness, great intuition, amazing performance and obedience it easy to train.

He may equally Bat good home and a service dog. "Doberman - an elegant, noble dog with a well-defined protection and investigative qualities. Due to these characteristics, Doberman quickly gained worldwide recognition and fame. His prized for ingenuity, boundless devotion host reliability protection and fearlessness.

First Dobermans as an independent breed exhibited in Germany at the Hamburg exhibition in 1863, and 1876m for them was wound up studbook. Doberman called at the time "Thuringian Pinscher."

In 1894, the breed was named Doberman Pinscher. The world recognized the new name in 1900, and s1949, the Doberman Pinscher became known as simply Doberman, because the word "pinscher" means - Terrier, and has no relation to the breed.

In 1960, under this name, and N 143 in the International Canine Federation (FCI) breed Doberman registered as a German.

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