Choosing a puppy


The smaller the dog, the more problems What you should pay attention to the future owner of the dog. Where to start if you have chosen a breed? Calls on the ads in the newspaper - the worst way. It is better to go for a large Great Dane dog show, dog look, talk to dog breeders. Did you like an adult dog? Come and boldly say, "I want the same!" Surely the owner just give you the names of experienced breeders and addresses where you can see good puppies.

How healthy is your kid?

We assume that you have decided on the floor baby, and the price of a puppy, too, does not seem exorbitant to you. And it does not matter what breed is your future friend, first of all it should be completely healthy. So, carefully inspect the entire brood. Celebrate all the details about how the puppies look like as a whole, actively if they behave, how you react to you, and so on. D. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the apartment, whether it fresh air and there are no stale smell of urine. Because, as it is banal, cleanliness - the guarantee of health puppy. Ask the breeder to show you the mother of puppies, her physical form has much to say. In malnourished and ill-looking dog healthy puppies can not be. Examine the eyes of puppies: they must be clear, not watery, without purulent discharge and pimples. Hair around the eyes should not be rare, glued or absent altogether. Have a look in the mouth - the mouth and gums should be pink, tongue clean, no plaque and ulcers, the smell - pleasant. Inspect puppy ears - the inner surface of the ear should be a pale pink color, no discharge and odor. If you see a couple of scratches, do not worry, puppies love to pull each other's ears. Puppy "fluff" disappears in about two months. At this age, the puppies should be shiny and silky fur without dandruff, seals and bald spots. Pay attention to the movement of the baby, it is better on rough surfaces such as carpeting. Even large breed puppies move freely and stand firmly on their feet. The front legs should be strictly parallel. Ask the breeder feed the puppies with you. Healthy puppies usually sweep food with terrible speed. Poor appetite should alert you.

To study the nature of future FRIEND

Basic principles: The puppy should not be fearful or show aggression (grin, biting or barking incessantly). Kid with a balanced character calmly responds to external stimuli (clap your hands, the sound of falling keychain) having fun is included in the game, and little eyes burning sparks lively interest in all that is happening. By the way, there is an old way to choose a puppy: sit down on his haunches and call for puppies - the most sociable, brave and curious will run to you first. And - most importantly - feel free to take that kid who not only love you, but that you liked! Do not take the puppy with you today. Make a pledge, let the breeder when you issue the documents. And do go home - in fact to a new member of the family should be prepared thoroughly.

WALKING as often as possible

You must be prepared for the fact that you have free time in the next six months, greatly diminished.

Puppies usually pee and scat in the house until at least 5 months. Trays, diapers and a newspaper does not always help.

In the first 4 months it is necessary to walk as often as possible - so that the child accustomed to celebrate their case only on the street. Do you have the time?

They love to eat and chew everything they can find, including boards with nails! They are energetic and may induce confusion tirelessly day and night. They are smart, require intellectual pursuits, like dog training. Boredom puppies rage and spread the house to shreds.

Young dog friendly without measure. They climb to play to cats, dogs, to strangers. Results: cat can scratch your eyes, strange dog - bite, and people are scared and complain ...

And puppies are very fond of water and dirt. They fit into any puddle wallow in filth and muck eats any, picked up from the ground.


Getting ready for the arrival of the new tenant

Cpryachte all breakable floor items, if any.

Try to find a good veterinarian who loves dogs and owners peels as sticky - because you will need to immediately drag puppy vaccinations, testing, and so on. N.

They have bought in a pet shop toys, especially rope and squeaking of latex. Immediately purchase a long-lasting "snacks" - dried
lung, ears, tails, and so on. D.

Lift up all the shelves with books, CDs and favorite vases.

Hide or pick up all the wires.

Buy a soft, warm bedding.

Do not buy from large bags of food, the dog can not take any of them, and do not skimp (at least up to a year) to buy a good brand premium.

The first few days he may be nervous, it's better to take a week off to first two or three days you were always with him in the apartment.

Prepared Milanа Borisovа.

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